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FAQ Borrow/Save

Q: Do I need to save before gaining access to a loan facility?
A: No, we do not mandate our clients to make savings overtime before accessing a loan facility. All we require is a proof of your existing business and income and other documents to open a banking account  

Q: How long does it take to process a loan application?
A: The processing time for our loan facility takes  maximum of 7 working days as long as all documents have been submitted, appraised and deemed satisfactory. Disbursement can then be done to the client within the stipulated 7 days.

Q: Do I receive the exact loan amount requested when I applied?
A: Our loan facility appraisal is usually based on your business activity and profitability. Once we have concluded all necessary appraisals, we offer you a facility that places no financial burden on you, so that you can also make profit even while your repayments are ongoing.

Q: I have assets worth Rs 0.5 Million ; will I be able to receive a loan close to  Rs 0.5 Million?
A: No as we appraise the amount you can assess based on your business activity first, before your assets. Your nature of business activity, inventory, profitability, turnover, liabilities & your capacity to repay would be thoroughly reviewed by our branch network & than a conclusion would be drawn to determine the amount of loan you receive.

Q: What benefits do I receive for diligently making repayments on my first loan cycle?
A: After a successful & timely repayment on a first cycle loan, clients are offered our Tijarat Plus loan product; having the opportunity to enjoy extended period with higher amount of loan as well as discount on mark-up.

Q: I want a loan from Advans Pakistan. How will I be eligible?
A: You can qualify for a loan of up to Rs 500,000 if you have the following:

  • You have a valid CNIC with your business having existence of at least 3 years
  • You should not be a defaulter of any bank/financial institution
  • You’ll require a guarantor with valid CNIC as well as utility bills of your home & business

Q: I want to save with Advans Pakistan. How will I be eligible?
A: You can open a Saving or a term deposit account with Advans Pakistan with a valid CNIC & proof of income/business.

FAQ Manage

Q: Can I transfer funds from my Advans Bank account to a commercial bank account?
A: Yes you can. We provide cheque clearance services.

Q: Can I make withdrawals from my account in any of your branch locations other than where my account was opened?
A: Yes you can withdraw funds from any of our branches closest to you through your cheque book.

Q: Can I withdraw funds before the completion of the agreed tenure? 
A: Yes, you can withdraw anytime, however you’ll have to pay monthly instalments that includes the principal as well as markup as agreed in loan agreement.