Our Clients

Mr Muhammad Rafique

"I have built a good relationship with Advans Pakistan thanks to their transparent and friendly services"

Mr Muhammad Rafique has had a Milk shop business in Akhtar Colony for the last 15 years. He started his business with one shop but as time has gone on his business has grown and  he now has 3 shops. All the shops are rented. At each shop he has one employee who looks after his business Mr Rafique visits them all regularly. Mr. Rafique is currently in his third cycle of loan with Advans Pakistan  and is considered as one of the bank's loyal customers. He started his business relationship with the bank in January 2013 when a Customer Relationship Officer  came to talk to him about Advans Pakistan. He visited the branch on 29 January, 2013 and requested his first loan. He was granted the Advans Karobar Sanwaro loan for and amount PKR 100,000 (EUR 760).

He used his first loan to increase the level of stock and refurnish his shops. He found this had significant impact on the turnover and number of customers. As a result of this positive impact, he paid off the loan amount before maturity and requested a second loan.  He is currently in his third loan cycle and is well satisfied with the services of the bank and finds the staff welcoming. He believes that the transparent communication at Advans has contributed to strengthening his relationship with the bank.

Mr Jay Kumar

Advans Pakistan has played an important role in the development of my business

Mr Jay Kumar started his General Store in association with his father and is successfully running it today. He first heard of Advans thorugh a Customer Relationship Officer who visited him and presented Advans and its products. Mr Kumar was in need of funds so he applied and was granted his first Advans Karobar Sanwaro loan. He used the loan to increase his stock to improve his turnover. The first loan had a significant impact on his business so he took out a second loan, both loans were paid before the end of the maturity period.  He is currently in his third with a loan of  PKR 200,000 (EUR 1,540) and is satisfied with the services of the bank and the behavior of staff.

He says Advans Pakistan has played an important role in the development of his business. Due to the positive impact of the loan he has been able to change the location of his shop; it is now in front of the market area where it is more accessible to customers - this has been contributing positively to his monthly turnover. He also regularly uses his Advans chequing account to manage routine financial transactions related to his business.